Dennis W. Warneke

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Why choose ID ExpertsTM

Fullest protection available to you and your family.  100% success rate in fully restoring stolen identities.  Team of personal recovery advocates located right here in the US.

ID Experts vs. other services

ID Experts FraudStop is available for individuals and families.  Given the increasing incidence of identity theft with children, the family plan is both great protection and a great value.  You also have the flexibility to pay on a monthly or save on an annual purchase.

The retail price is $12.95 a month ($139.95 annually) for a single person and $24.95 a month ($269.95 annually) for a family.

We have arranged for a Special Discount if you obtain your membership through this website.

A single membership is only $9.95 a month or only $109.95 per year!

A family membership* is only $17.95 or only $199.95 per year!

Click here to save at ID Experts.

*The family plan includes you and your spouse (or domestic partner) as well as your children living at home or full time students under age 25.

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